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?????? This site is the only and solely site of China Electronics Shenzhen Company. Our company is the only responsible party for this site and its authorized linking sites; Any registered website set by other natural person or entity, although in the same or in similar name of “China Electronics Shenzhen Company” is not set up or authorized by our company, the content of which is irrelevant to our company. Therefore, our company does not guarantee the authenticity or make any promise to the content of those sites and does not take any legal responsibility for the intellectual property right of their contents, for instance, any texts, images, software and etc. In the meantime, our company does not authorize any company or individual to set up websites, blogs, microblogs, or any other media carriers to reproduce or quote any content of this website. The authenticity of unauthorized reproduction or quotation is not guaranteed by our company. As for the behavior of the unauthorized use of the company name to set up the site and / or unauthorized reproduction contents of this website, the company reserves the right to pursue the legal responsibilities of the parties concerned.


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