【Heyuan CEIEC Industrial Park】solely invested by CEIEC Heyuan Investment Co., Ltd., is a 330,000 m2 comprehensive park for production, logistics, and R&D. The Park targets at advanced manufacturers of electronic information and electronic materials as well as relevant logistics companies. Leveraging its abundant resources and advantages in the electronics foreign trade field and its position in the electronic information investment industry, China Electronics ShenZhen Company, parent company of the wholly-owned subsidiary of CEIEC Heyuan Investment Co., Ltd., implements the industrial transfer of its investees and builds a manufacturing base for electronics. By introducing a group of electronic information manufacturers, it aims to develop Heyuan Industrial Park to be a modern space for electronic information industry with complete supporting facilities, industrial cluster, overall service and standardized management.

【Geological Position】Sitting at the southeast side, also the main entrance of the Longling Industrial Park in Heyuan High-tech Development Zone, the Park neighbours 2nd Longling Road, Puqian Exit of Guangdong-Jiangxi Expressway and 205 Highway to the east; Longling Avenue, horizontal artery of Longling Industrial Park to the south; 1st Longling Road, vertical artery of Longling Industrial Park to the west, with other plots across the road; and the 3rd Longling Road, Municipal Park, and Business Service Center to the north.

【Center of HeyuanHeyuan District is the only municipal district, and the political, economic and cultural center of Heyuan. Supported by developed factors of production, investors can gain edge in logistics, fund flow and information flow.

【Longling Industrial Park】A 10 km2 space mainly targets at enterprises from green industries including electronics, IT, machinery manufacturing, automobile, bio-pharmaceuticals.

Modern and Ecological
This is a new-generation industrial park built among the amazing landscape of Heyuan. With a low-density (plot ratio of 1.0) planning, the Park strikes a harmony with the nature with its blue buildings, and creates an ecological space with unique natural and cultural landscapes.

Reasonable and Flexible
Thanks to flexible arrangement, the Park can adapt to different functions flexibly. Individual buildings of all types and flexible combination of their internal space can meet demands of different-sized companies. Interchangeability between R&D and production fully shows the flexibility and diversity of modern industrial park.

Large Scale and Large Supporting Facilities
Almost 180,000 m2 standard plants in plan can meet all demands from various companies of all sizes. An almost 150,000 m2 business and life service zone, covering shopping center, hotel, staff apartment, management residence, expert building as well as cultural and sports facilities of all kinds can accommodate over 10,000 people. Meanwhile, it is adjacent to the business service center with complete supporting service facilities exploited by the government.

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