【Tangxia Industrial Park】 This 53,000 m2 industrial park was solely invested by Dongguan Xindi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., with properties arranged in the No.1 Industrial Park and 128 Industrial Park of Downtown Tangxia Town. Dongguan Xindi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., founded in 1997, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the China Electronics ShenZhen Company It specializes in the property rental, operation and management for industrial parks. The No. 1 Industrial Zone boasts a construction area of 53,000 m? in the center of Tangxia Town and composes a complex with 6-storey standard plants, dormitories, and supporting commercial facilities, forming a silent space in the hustle and bustle with sophisticated management and complete supporting facilities. Prosperous business nearby and convenient location make worker recruiting easy. The 128 Industrial Zone occupies 18,000 m2 to form a closed factory featuring low density, garden style and independent arrangement, ideal for office and production of electronic information manufacturing, R&D and software companies.


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