?????? We have invested several industrial parks including the Zhuhai CEIEC High-tech Industrial Park (100,000 m2), Heyuan CEIEC Industrial Park (330,000 m2) and Dongguan Tangxia CEIEC Industrial Park (50,000 m2), providing integration service for almost 100 high-tech companies at home and abroad, and great support for our industrial integration and sustainable development.

?????? Electronic Information Industry enjoys promising future. Located in the Pearl River Delta, the highest concentration of electronic information companies in the world, we place our headquarters in Huaqiangbei of Shenzhen, the highest concentration of small and medium electronic information companies in the world. As an industry leader, we are the earliest and an influential player in the import and export of electronic information products in China, and also a state-owned company known for talent-intensive, unrivaled strength and outstanding reputation.

?????? In this complex enterprise ecosystem of Pearl River Delta, customer demands are extremely diversified. Providers of modern service face competition throughout the whole industrial chain, even both horizontally and vertically.

For years, we have planned and built several industrial parks based on change in competition for the purpose of leveraging our regional advantage and competitive edges. The provision of industrial park service expands our reach for modern service, and helps to accelerate the growth of regional enterprise and drive the development of high-tech industry for an all-win situation.

?????? Industries in Pearl River Delta are distributed in a diverging manner with center in Hong Kong, a concentration of modern service like finance and port logistics. In the wake of vigorous development of similar businesses in Shenzhen and Guangzhou Nansha, the distribution will gradually change. The development of high-end industries, however, involves many factors and needs a long-term cultivation. It can be predicated that substantial change is not likely to happen in a relatively long period.
?????? (Distribution map, reflecting the relationship with the center, transportation advantage, ports and airports)
?????? Our industrial parks are now selected in Zhuhai, Dongguan and Heyuan, and will expand step by step in the future.
?????? (Tangxia Industrial Park, located in the Tangxia Town of Dongguan, the industrial hinterland of Shenzhen, is within the one-hour life circle of Shenzhen, with China's biggest port group available; Zhuhai CEC High-tech Industrial Park is positioned in Zhuhai, the bridgehead of West Guangdong. Its advantage for neighbouring Hong Kong and owning deepwater ports and airports of great potential will gradually show, with the opening of the Hong Kong-ZhuHai-Macau Bridge; Heyuan Industrial Park, located at the back garden of Shenzhen, is only one and half hour drive to Shenzhen. In the wake of development of central cities in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, the increasing comprehensive cost, power resource shortage and tightening industrial policy will make both the market and the government to push the outward relocation of industries in Pearl River Delta. Heyuan, the first choice neighboring the Delta, has unique late-mover advantage.)
?????? Years of development has yielded over 480,000 m2 of industrial park, with 540,000 m2 construction area in plan and almost 300,000 m2 construction area completed and under construction, providing home to almost 100 high-tech companies at home and abroad. All planned constructions will be completed in five years based on business development, and our footprints will stretch o other regions.

?????? 1. Good industry impact
?????? As a key member of China's biggest electronic information player, CEC, we can enjoy the huge industry impact of Chinese Electronic Brand, thus improving the industrial image of enterprises in our industrial parks.
?????? 2. Honest and reliable cooperation
?????? As a historic brand with unrivaled strength, excellent integrity and standardized management, we are reputed for efficient, normative, stable and reliable cooperation and enjoy great word-of-mouth.
?????? 3. Comprehensive industrial services
?????? We are able to provide all industrial services including site, living, government, management, business, finance, and investment, thus allowing customers to focus on their areas of strength.
?????? Site services: areas for office, R&D, production, logistics, publicity, living, etc.;
?????? Living services: accommodation, catering, exercise and entertainment of all kinds;
?????? Government services: registration, tax, policy implementation, communication, etc.;
?????? Management services: human resource, commerce, training, publicity, association, etc.;
?????? Business services: import & export, logistics, convention & exhibition, R&D, and other individual or integrated services;
?????? Financing services: all kinds of financing depending on characteristics of each business;
?????? Investment services: investment by fund, plant, land and other approaches based on company characteristics.
?????? 4. Diverse choices of industrial parks
?????? Our three industrial parks are suitable for customers with different characteristics.
?????? Tangxia Industrial Park: suitable for Shenzhen-centered enterprises for its unique location near to Shenzhen, complete surrounding areas industries and living ?????? services facilities.;
?????? Zhuhai CEC High-tech Industrial Park: suitable for high-end talent-intensive companies due to its great living environment, concentration of top talent, and location in a tourism city;
?????? Heyuan Industrial Park: suitable for power-consuming companies demanding large site and development land, as well as strict production environment and low transportation fee, for its flexible policy, sufficient low-lost water and power resources, large land for expansion, systematic plots planning, and great environment.
?????? 5. Aiming at Premium
?????? Positioning as a concentration of premium enterprises, our parks adopt the ideas of Shenzhen High-tech Park with complete supporting facilities, modern figure and flexible layout. Settled companies can arrange their production and management in a reasonable manner, meanwhile enjoy both producing and living in high-tech park, which will further promote their figures.
?????? 6. Reliable management service
?????? In line with National Level I Property Management Standard, the parks are subject to uniform management to provide services including safety, building facilities, catering and living, so as to create a worry-free environment for customers.

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